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  • Singing The Song Of Our People / November 11, 2018
    by Choo Dee Wei
    The dignified position of the Malaysian national anthem by law.
  • Hak-Hak Individu Apabila Ditahan Oleh Polis / January 10, 2017
    by Jeremy Vinesh Anthony
    Hak-hak/undang-undang yang terpakai apabila seseorang individu di Malaysia ditahan oleh pihak polis.
  • A Bit On Bail / January 8, 2017
    by Alex Anton Netto
    On bail, bailors and the bailability of offences.
  • Armed & Dangerous / July 3, 2015
    by Choo Dee Wei
    Provisions under the Corrosive and Explosive Substances and Offensive Weapons Act 1958.
  • A Child Caught / February 3, 2015
    by Choo Dee Wei
    Things that happen when a child is charged in the Malaysian child's court.